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Victims of Crime Compensation

Victims of acts of violence in Queensland can bring a claim for a grant of financial assistance which may be payable by the Queensland Government under Queensland law.

This involves “primary victims” (a person who dies or sustains injuries as a direct result of the act being committed against the person) or a “secondary victim” (being a parent of a child injured or a witness of the act of violence) establishing a claim for financial assistance. If the claim is established successfully the victim is entitled to be compensated.

How much can I claim?

The maximum amount a primary victim of violence may be granted is $75,000.00.

The maximum amount a secondary victim of violence may be granted is $50,000.00.

Do time limits apply?

Yes.  An application for victim assistance must ordinarily be made within 3 years after the act of violence occurs or if the victim is a child, within 3 years after the child turns 18 years of age.  The time limit can be extended in certain exceptional circumstances.  If you do not apply within 3 years and your matter does not fall within one of the exceptional circumstances you lose your right to claim for a grant of financial assistance payable by the Queensland Government.

What does it cost to bring a claim?

The cost of bringing a claim for criminal injuries compensation depends upon the work performed on your behalf. 

The Queensland Government will pay up to $500.00 towards your professional fees and you are responsible for the balance of the professional fees from your grant of financial assistance.

Our fees are calculated in accordance with our firm’s Costs Agreement and payable only in circumstances where your application for grant of financial assistance is successful in accordance with “No Win, No Fee” principles.

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You can also View the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009 here.