If you suffer an injury in a motor vehicle or bicycle accident and the accident has been caused, at least partly, by somebody else then we can help you with a claim for compensation. This type of legal claim is referred to as a motor vehicle accident claim.

In Queensland the “rego” purchased for each vehicle provides the driver of the vehicle with insurance in the event that the vehicle is involved in an accident and somebody is hurt.  In that way the insurer pays rather than the person driving or riding the vehicle.  Even where somebody has forgotten or failed to pay their “rego” a claim can still be lodged by an injured person and it is met by The Nominal Defendant although shorter timeframes for lodging such claims do apply.

Who Can Claim?

Claims are made by:

  • The driver of a motor vehicle including motorcycles;
  • The passenger in or on a motor vehicle;
  • Pedestrians struck by a motor vehicle;
  • Cyclists.

Note: we have a number of articles here dealing with common FAQs around motor vehicle accident situations and when claims can be made.

Time Limits

Strict time limits apply to motor vehicle accident claims.  The provisions are or can be fairly complex.  If you fail to comply with the relevant time limits then you lose your right to claim compensation even if your claim would otherwise have merit.

If you wish to explore the possibility of making a motor vehicle accident claim we strongly recommend that you seek expert legal advice without delay.  We would be pleased to guide you in relation to timeframes.

What Can I Claim For?

Usually claims for compensation include an allowance for:

  • Pain and Suffering;
  • Out of pocket expenses such as medical expenses, rehabilitation expense and medication;
  • Loss of Income, both current and future loss of income;
  • Loss of Superannuation upon loss of income;
  • Future Expenses such as paid domestic assistance, medical costs and medication;
  • Interest upon losses suffered;
  • Care and assistance provided by family and friends in some cases.

Getting the best treatment and rehabilitation for you

Often clients cannot afford medical treatment and rehabilitation.  The motor vehicle accident claim scheme encourages injured Claimants to take every reasonable opportunity to rehabilitate themselves as best they can.  We can guide you to ensure that this happens rather than permit the insurer to dictate to you what it will and will not fund.

What will it cost me to lodge a claim?

Like most services, the costs depends upon the work required to complete the task.

A no win, no fee law firm undertakes the role of advancing a motor vehicle accident claim for a client and does not seek payment for its services until the conclusion of the matter once compensation has been received.

The amount of professional fees each law firm charges varies and the costs are set out in its Costs Agreement with the client.

For further information about legal costs please click here to take you to our more detailed explanation of our “No Win, No Fee” Agreement.