If you suffer an injury, illness or medical condition in any circumstances then in addition to any other claim for compensation, you may have an entitlement to claim the insurance benefit available under a superannuation fund entitlement called “TPD” or “Total and Permanent Disability”.

How do I know if I have TPD Insurance?

You can either check your Superannuation Statement(s) yourself or provide those Statements to us and we can check for you. If you don’t have any paperwork to hand we can make enquiries of your superannuation fund for you, with your authority.

Can I Claim?

You can make a claim if you have ceased employment because of an injury, illness or medical condition and you are under 65 years of age and unlikely to return to employment as a result of that injury, illness or medical condition.

How much money can I claim?

You can claim the amount of money you are insured for by way of TPD policy with your superannuation insurer.    Contact Us Here

What does it cost to make a claim?

A disabled person who may be elligible for a TPD claim

This depends upon the work required to complete the task.

A no win, no fee law firm undertakes the role of advancing a Superannuation TPD claim for a client and does not seek payment for its services until the conclusion of the matter once monies have been received.

The amount of professional fees each law firm charges varies and the costs are set out in its Costs Agreement with the client.

For further information about legal costs for TPD claims please click here, to take you to our more detailed explanation of our “No Win, No Fee” Agreement.