When somebody is injured the bills can mount up. Medical expenses, physiotherapy, counseling and medication doesn’t come cheap. The pain and suffering, inconvenience and frustrations injured people endure aren’t assisted by money worries and if you are losing income, away from work, how on earth are you supposed to pay legal fees as well? The answer is that access to expert legal representation to obtain compensation can be provided through our No Win No Fee Lawyers Agreement with you.

How does Patinos operate its “No Win, No Fee” Agreement?

Simply put, we do not charge a client professional fees unless the client recovers money. The professional fees are payable when monies are paid and not before. If a client does not succeed in recovering money then we do not charge a client professional fees for the work we have performed. There is a limit to the percentage of professional fees that we are entitled to as part of any settlement and this is set out in Queensland law.

Are there any other costs to pay other than Professional Fees?

Yes, in order to advance your matter it is necessary to obtain medical reports and the like. These expenses are known as “outlays” or “disbursements”. Patinos passes on the cost of outlays/disbursements to clients, again to be paid at the conclusion of your claim, unless you wish to pay for those expenses as they become payable. Most clients wish to wait until the end of their claim but the option is yours to pay the outlays as we proceed if you wish.

Okay, so I understand that I don’t have to pay Patinos for Professional Fees and Outlays unless I receive money and that the Professional Fees and Outlays aren’t payable until money is actually recovered, but how is the amount of Professional Fees calculated?

That is a good question. We are required to enter into a Client Agreement with you. That Agreement sets out the work that we propose to do for you on your case and what we expect from you in return. The document sets out how case fees are calculated. As you might expect, fees differ depending on the work performed for a client. We would be very happy to discuss how we would calculate professional fees in relation to each individual matter at our initial, no obligation consultation with you and then send you the Agreement so that you can consider it, in your own time, without feeling any pressure and, if you wish, ask any further questions you might have about it.

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