Steps to Take After a Motor Vehicle Accident

The idea of being in a motor vehicle accident is a scary thought for anyone, particularly as it can leave you very shaken and unsure of what to do next. Even though everyone’s experience will be different, below are a few key steps that should be taken after any involvement in a motor vehicle accident.

Make a Record

After you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, write down names of persons involved, take their telephone numbers and registration details. Do this even if you don’t have to provide a statement to the police, as this will help with any claims. Then, as soon as you’re able to, do some research into hiring a professional in case a compensation claim does have to be made. A great place to find relevant information is online, via the websites of law firms that specialise in car accident cases, such as Patinos Personal Lawyers.

Follow the Legalities

Although it might be difficult to focus on the legal details after the shock of being in an accident, the sooner you get onto it, the easier the process will become down the track. (Respect and follow the instructions of police and other emergency service people, as they are there to help you.)  Call your insurance company to provide details if another vehicle was involved but keep your communications short and to the point as what you say to be insurer will be recorded and can be used against you if you have a compensation claim.

Monitor Your Health

Injuries are extremely common in motor vehicle accidents, even minor ones. Often, the shock of the experience will leave your adrenaline running and you may not realise the extent of your injury until days later. Go to the doctor or emergency department if you need to and have a thorough check-up. For the days following, you should also keep an eye on your health in case you have any delayed reactions, such as neck or back pain.

Talk About It

Physical pain is not the only health issue to look out for, as being involved in a motor vehicle accident can also have psychological effects. If the experience is particularly traumatic, you may find yourself reliving it every time you get in your car. If this happens, seek professional help to talk about the incident and start working through it.

Make the Repairs

Unfortunately, an accident usually implies damage. Speak to your mechanic about providing a quote and how long the job is likely to take. Once you’ve got a quote, you will be able to speak to your insurance company and any other parties involved to settle payment. You also need to consider what your options are if you were at fault and you only have third-party insurance. If you can’t afford the quote, you may have to seek a loan.

Motor vehicle accidents are a common occurrence and their impacts on the people involved can range from minor to extreme. Although you might take every precaution possible to avoid vehicle accidents, the weather, road conditions and other drivers can still cause unfortunate things to happen. Knowing what you need to do after an accident will help you deal with this unpleasant situation quickly and efficiently.

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