Win for Patinos client upheld in Court of Appeal

Summary: the State of Queensland Fail to Overturn Judgment for Injured Worker

In a Judgement of the Court of Appeal delivered on 16 September 2014, the State of Queensland failed to overturn a Judgment for an injured worker represented by Patinos Personal Lawyers.

Joan Munro was a 50-year-old registered nurse employed by Logan Hospital undertaking an Aggressive Behaviour Management Course at a training center when, attempting a maneuver under instruction, she fell and injured her left hand.

The Court of Appeal did not interfere with the Award of Damages of $60,000.00 to Ms. Munro and also dismissed the Appeal by the State of Queensland that it should not pay Ms. Munro’s legal costs.

As a result, the State of Queensland had to pay the compensation to Ms. Munro, the costs of the Trial and also the costs incurred by Ms. Munro in opposing the Appeal. 

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