Patinos Personal Injury Lawyers represent workers who are injured on the jobPatinos are Brisbane’s best compensation lawyers. We specialise in compensation claims; in fact, it’s all we do. We operate a little differently from your typical “no win, no fee” firms. You see, we believe in doing our very best for our clients irrespective of such provocative promises. Our success rate speaks for itself and that’s why, after shopping around, would-be litigants turn to us to assist them. We strive to be Brisbane’s best personal injury lawyers.

More money, less pain

Our firm goes beyond the no win, no fee ethos and instead, we favour “more money, less pain”. It’s our job to spare you the indignity and frustration of drawn-out court cases which could, in fact, take years before anyone even sets foot inside a court room. That said, if we don’t win – and our statistics illustrate that we will – we will not charge you a cent for our services.

After discussion with you, we’ll determine the viability of your case and advise you with honesty and integrity whether we believe your case is win-able.

We will always provide you with quality legal advice based upon our experience and expertise. Straight to the point, no nonsense and easy to understand.

Our history

Patinos was founded in 2003 by our Principal Lawyer, Colin Patino. Since then, we’ve grown from a single office firm to occupying offices at Meadowbrook, Oxley, Cleveland, Morningside and Miami.

More than half our clients come to us via word of mouth rather than as a result of a costly advertising campaign. That tells us we’re doing all the right things for our clients.

Patinos as your partners

At Patinos, we limit the number of clients we take on so that your matter will be pursued proactively and without unnecessary delay. Your claim will be managed exclusively by Colin Patino, Alistair Lord, Michael Coughlan or Joshua Binks-Macnee.

As part of our commitment to being Brisbane’s best compensation lawyers, we maintain a fleet of vehicles and employ professional drivers to assist clients in attending their appointments.

Causes we support

As compensation claims lawyers, we feel it’s important to be mindful of those in the community who rely on support from businesses to thrive. We are delighted to provide financial and/or pro bono assistance to the following charities and local causes:


Contacting Patinos

We welcome your call or email, even if simply to make initial enquiries. If you feel you have grounds to make a motor vehicle claim, a workplace claim, a public liability claim or a superannuation claim, then we look forward to hearing from you and being of service.